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blog 4 Easy Morning Meditations Any Woman Can Start Now

Does morning meditation really require you to sit with your legs crossed on a yoga mat?  I don’t know about you, but I’m so over that.  And, besides who has time to do that?

One of my favorite books, Ordinary Magic, talks about how women are hardwired to meditate because of the way we focus so intensely on everyday activities.

Instead of defining a morning meditation as something you do in isolation to your life, Ordinary Magic, helps us to realize that anytime you are focusing and intentional about allowing the real you to be heard and understood, you are meditating. Here are some ways to mix meditation into daily life without paying for a life coach.

morning meditation ideas

Morning Meditation 1: Style Your Hair

I’m not saying you can do an entire twist our or cornrow your entire head, but the attention to detail and focus of doing your hair can be a real meditation. Turn on some low-fi music and get to it. While you’re doing your hair, focus on the texture of your hair, the sweet smells of the product and smile at yourself as you transform into a woman ready to take on the world.

Morning Meditation 2: Do a Morning Chore

When you think of dishes you may not think of meditating, but you might think of quiet.  When I wash the dishes I run warm water, turn on my favorite calming music and delight in the smell of my apple blossom dish detergent.  When I’m quiet and focusing on the circular motion of washing the dishes, I find a peacefulness there.  For me that’s what meditation is, it’s a time when I can be at peace.  Chores have a way of cleaning up mental clutter, if you allow them.

Morning Meditation 3: Take a Shower

Taking a shower can also be a time to quiet your mind.  Integrating mediation into everyday habits takes the expectation away.  The idea that I need to transform into Ghandi doesn’t exist when I’m in the shower.  It’s just me, Oil Olay and the hot water.  Let Calgon take you away and quiet your mind during shower time.

Morning Meditation 4: Cherish a Cup of Tea

A morning meditation could be as simple as 5 minutes to savor a cup of tea. Make your favorite tea and let the heat from the cut warm your soul.

Here are some easy meditation ideas for your kids as well.

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