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Episode 4: Black Girls With Gardens with Jasmine

Black girls have been gardening since the beginning of time. Gardening became my favorite past time about 8 years ago. My garden is a space to discover beauty, both inside and out, and overtime has grown to become my litmus test for whether I’m doing alright or not.

I’m not alone. There is a history of agriculture as power for Black women. Before we were enslaved, we were the forebears of early agriculture . We brought forth that knowledge to American shores and have used the growing of food, herbs and flowers as a way to express agency in our own lives when the oppression was thick.

Joining me on The Brown Mama Blueprint Podcast is Jasmine Jefferson, the founder of Black Girls With Gardens. In this episode, I’ll touch on the history of gardening for Black women and Jasmine will tell us all about her journey to become a leader in this movement inspiring Black women to put their hands in the dirt.

Learn more about Jasmine and Black Girls With Gardens on BlackGirlsWithGardens.com. Join her Facebook Group here.

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