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20+ Crafts for Boys From Around the Web

Searching for crafts for boys?  I was too until I made it my mission to collect all of the funnest crafts for boys the web has to offer in one space.  I homeschool all three of my sons, so I’m always looking for fun ways to get them tinkering around the house.  I’m not the craftiest mom so I rely on other mom bloggers to keep my three boys busy.  So, here ya go!  Here is a list of over 100 crafts for boys that I’ve collected from Pinterest, Instagram and just plain old Google images.  Enjoy.  
  1. Puffy Planets by ICanTeachMyChild.com
  2. Playdough Bug Fossils by NoTimeforFlashCards.com
  3. How to Build a Kite
  4. Homemade Catapult by TeachBesideMe.com
  5. Toilet Roll Ninjas by MollyMooCrafts.com
  6. Star Wars Crafts by TheNerdsWife.com
  7. Cardboard Box Marble Run by FrugalFunforBoys.com
  8. Marshmallow Shooters by CoffeeCupsandCrayons.com
  9. 4 Engineering Crafts Using Craft Sticks, Cups and Cubes by FrugalFunforBoys.com
  10. Kool-Aid Slime by JewledRose.com
  11. Build a Simple Electromagnetic Train by FrugalFunforBoys.com
  12. Mason Jar Super Hero Banks by FirfliesandMudpies.com
  13. Pool Noodle Rocket Flinger by FrugalFunforBoys.com
  14. DIY Light Saber by HereComestheSunBlog.com
  15. 25 DIY Projects for Teens by DIYforProjectsTeens.com
  16. DIY Swinging Nerf Targets by FrugalFunforBoys.com
  17. Cardboard Race Track by FrugalFunforBoys.com
  18. DIY Outdoor Car Track by WooHome.com
  19. Christmas Day Logo Projects by FrugalFunForBoys.com
  20. A Paper Gun that Shoots by DIYProjectsforTeens.com
  21. DIY Gummy Legos by DIYProjectsforTeens.com
  22. DIY Solar Oven by ICanTeachMyKid.com
  23. Sewing Projects for Boys by MomvstheBoys.com
  24. AirPowerSoccerDisk by TheGrommett.com
  25. Build a Wooden Chest by CubScoutIdeas.com
  26. Inexpensive STEM Ideas by LittleBinsforLittleHands.com
  27. DIY Minecraft Pillows by SurvingTeacherSalary.com
  28. Funny Face Flip Books by IHeartCraftyThings.com

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