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Creating My Own Homeschool Curriculum Using IXL + a GIVEAWAY

When I began homeschooling my three boys, I had no idea I’d be creating my own homeschool curriculum.  Looking for videos, making lesson plans and organizing science experiments are a just a few of the challenges of my daily routine.

Any homeschooler, educator or parent knows that one of the vital parts of ensuring a good education is the constant need to test and assess what children are retaining.  IXL has helped me with that.  IXL literally has the answers to the questions I am teaching my children to answer everyday.  From language arts, to math, science and social studies, IXL has the practice tools to challenge and help my kids excel at every subject.  IXL has learning objectives for kids from K-12 in all of the necessary subject areas.


My 2nd and 3rd grade boys just finished up a lesson on classifying animals.  Rather than having to go the old-fashioned route of creating a test from scratch to print out, I was able to test them using IXL’s 3rd grade Classifying Animals learning objectives.  IXL challenged them to prove they’ve retained the information, provides me with analytics on their problem areas and successes, and gives my little students an explanation of each question they’ve answered wrong.  It’s an excellent assessment tool for our homeschool curriculum that adapts to the learning style of each of my kids.


For parents who have kids in school, IXL is a great tool that can be used to ensure your kid is on track with his classes.  Parents can use IXL to test what their kids are learning in school and as a practice tool for brushing up on any subject after school.

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It is also a mobile educational app and is available on Android, Kindle and iPad devices.

[button url=”https://www.ixl.com/apps” target=”_blank” color=”red” size=”medium” border=”true” icon=””]Get the App[/button]

Like what you’ve heard so far?  Then you should try IXL for FREE.  Brown Mamas has partnered with IXL to offer one of it’s readers a one year subscription to IXL free of charge.  This includes access to IXL’s K-12 lessons that are fully aligned with state standards and common core requirements for one full year.  In addition, you’ll be able to track your kids progress.

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6 Responses

  1. Fatima says:

    Fingers crossed. We took a break in the summer and I would love to get a curriculum going again.

  2. cleverlychanging says:

    My close friend just told me today that she is pulling her daughter out of public school. I know that IXL would help make things easier.

  3. Krystle Lindsey says:

    This sounds like what I need to help me get started with my curriculum!

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