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7-Day Sex Calendar for Couples with Intimacy Issues

  1. 7-Day Sex Calendar for Couples with Intimacy Issues

    All couples have intimacy issues as they grow and marriage. Getting married is easy.  Staying a couple is hard.  In any relationship, the way you express your love to one another changes as the two people in it grow and mature. That’s why the way you show your mate you care and love them MUST…
  2. How a $9 Caftan Made My Hubby Want Me More

    Most of the time when my husband comes home from work this is what I am wearing: a pair of sweats or pajama pants and one of his oversized t-shirts.  He usually greets me with a kiss.  While that’s nice, it’s not exactly the reaction that I want.  “I’m glad to see you,” “You look…
  3. Beyonce’s 3 Ways to Upgrade Your Man

    Whether you are looking to update your hubby’s style or trying ways to transform the man of the moment into the man of your dreams, take a little advice from Brown Mommy Beyonce and upgrade your man’s style, money and  mind. 1. Help him build up that account: A real man loves to show off his woman,…

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