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7-Day Sex Calendar for Couples with Intimacy Issues

  1. 7-Day Sex Calendar for Couples with Intimacy Issues

    All couples have intimacy issues as they grow and marriage. Getting married is easy.  Staying a couple is hard.  In any relationship, the way you express your love to one another changes as the two people in it grow and mature. That’s why the way you show your mate you care and love them MUST…
  2. What Married Couple Can Learn From Childless Couples

    I just read about a new study which found that childless couples are happier than couples with children. According to the study, moms are happier than couples with and without children, childless women, and dads. Even men with children were almost as happy as men. Despite the sensationalism, having children brings some level of happiness to…
  3. Romance After Baby

    There’s nothing more rewarding in life than having children. Once you give birth, your world completely changes. Your worries shift, your schedule is thrown for a loop, and your relationship with your partner inevitably suffers. No longer will you and your mate be able to spend every spare moment together as your little ones require…

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