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Are Your Children’s Mistakes Becoming Your Baggage?

  1. Are Your Children’s Mistakes Becoming Your Baggage?

    Welcome to Living with Soul! Enjoy!  
  2. Do Mondays Meatless with Brown Mama Tiffany

     By: Tiffany Huff, Author of The Best You I am always working to make better food choices for my boys and I, and I encourage others to make better food choices as well. Last year, after seeing a lot of Facebook posts about Meatless Mondays, and some encouragement from my supervisor I decided to give…
  3. Are you Killing Your Dreams with UnWorthiness? [WATCH]

    Living with Soul airs every other Sunday on BrownMamas.com.  Our show, hosted by Tiffany Huff, of The Best You, and Cindy Mendoza, the founder of BrownMamas.com, runs with the mission of helping African-American mothers live a life of purpose, on purpose.  
  4. Living With Soul : Do Black Women Have a Competition Problem [WATCH]

    “Living with Soul” is a bi-weekly show that airs every other Sunday on BrownMamas.com.  The purpose of this show is to help moms-of-color live their lives in a way that is worthy of their children’s admiration.
  5. #GoodMama Tiff Raises Two, Has Time of Her Life

    When did you became a mom and how did you feel? In 2004 I became a mom for the first time.  Still can’t believe it has been 10 years since I was responsible for someone other than myself.  I was a nervous wreck.  I thought I was going to leave my baby on top of…
  6. Lessons I Learned from My 8-Year-Old

    By: Tiffany Huff, Motivational Speaker and Purpose Pusher My youngest son just turned 8 years old. I am so luck y to be charged with being his Mommy and loving him each and every day of his life. He is full of life, laughter, ideas and possibilities! Everyday he lives life to the fullest and…

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