The #goodmama campaign began back in 2014 as an online movement to show how Black mothers are transforming their communities everyday.  So far, over 30 mothers have participating and their are no plans to stop highlighting their greatness.  To see more of the mamas and learn how you can participate, click here.

What makes you a #GoodMama?

20160601_125631I feel what makes me a good mom is the fact that I continue to constantly work on improving myself and my family. I refuse to be complacent with my current situation. I strive everyday to be a positive role model for my daughter. I constantly think about how my actions today will effect her future. I want to teach her everything I know and also how to learn about everything I don’t know. I work everyday to not only set an example for her but also to set the bar that I want her to surpass.

Nothin' make a man feel betta than a woman...

[iconbox icon_title=”Danisha’s Advice for Moms” title_color=”#ff87ab” icon_name=”fa-female”]Just do YOUR best, don’t worry about the rest. Accept that you are human, you will make mistakes, and sometimes you will fail, but you must brush yourself off and try again. Most importantly ASK for help when you need it, and rest when you can, the dishes, cleaning and whatever ever else can wait. [/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”4″ icon_title=”Danisha’s FYI on Black Motherhood” title_color=”#ff87ab” icon_image=”6088″ icon_name=”none”]African American mothers do care about every aspect of their children’s upbringing, from their education to the food they eat.[/iconbox]

What is the #1 Lesson You've Learned from Motherhood?

Patience. I learned how to be patient, and how important patience is when dealing with children.

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Cynthia Mendoza

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