As you may have heard, winter is coming, and there’s nothing worse than being outside with cold and dry hands, or having no tissue when you’re kid just sneezed a whole snot bubble.  Let’s try to avoid those little annoying and embarrassing mishaps this autumn by keeping our right-shoulder ladies equipped with these cold-weather necessities.

1. Lip Moisturizer

Most brown mamas hate dry lips in the winter.  Plus, you know once you start using it, you can’t stop.  So don’t be caught off guard looking like Tyrone Biggums.

leather_glovespink_L2. Cute Leather Gloves

I don’t know about you, but I hate cold hands.  It’s so easy to get stuck outside in end days of fall with no gloves.  So keep a cute pair of slim, but warm leather gloves in your purse.

3. Cough Drops

Colds can sneak up on you in the middle of a work day, so be prepared.  You can drop them into your tea for a cup of tea that clears your through pain up, or just eat it like candy when you’re in that boring meeting that goes on for hours.

Cough Drops Isolated4. Extra Socks

Most women don’t think of keeping an extra pair of socks.  That is until your ankle booties are met with a surprise cold rain shower or are forced to trample some snow.  Plus, if your little one loses his glove, this sock will do until you get them home.

5. Sunglasses 

Yes, you need your shades in the winter.  There are always those days when the wind is bitter, but the sun is shining bright.  When that happens you’ll be wishing you could

kleenex-facial-tissue-travel-pk6. Tissue

I know it’s happened to you because it’s happened to me.  Your walking down the street, on the bus or driving in the car and your kid sneezes his brains out onto his bottom lip.  And to make the situation even better, there’s not  a piece of tissue in sight.  Stock-up on purse size tissue packs and put them in your purse.

7. Hand Lotion

Dry hands and cold-weather DO NOT MIX. Nothing is worse than that combo.  A travel-sized lotion in your purse will keep that combo off your back.  Plus, when you slide your hands into your cute leather gloves after smoothing on your lotion…Viola! Satin Hands!


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