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blog #GoodMama Denise, A Kind Heart in a Crazy Kid World

Denise is just a really genuine, down-to-earth, sweetheart mama.  She’s one of those people who gives you the feeling of clouds and kittens when you meet her.  Don’t take the former school teacher for a doormat though she can hold her own.  But, there’s something that you have to appreciate about a woman who meets me for lunch 6 weeks after giving birth to her second child (both are currently under 3 years-old) and still brings a ray of sunshine when she walks in the room.  Meet Brown Mama Denise!

1. When did you first become a mother and how did you feel?

I first became a mother on Aug. 10th, 2012.  I really can’t summarize it in words. I felt complete.  I felt like the woman I’d always wanted to be.  I had difficulty getting pregnant and it was a long journey.  So when it happened I felt whole to be finally blessed with a child.


Denise with child.

2. How do your feeling about motherhood differ now?

I’m a lot more relaxed now that I have two.  First-time mom syndrome, I definitely had it.  Thank God for my husband and mom who stuck with me through it.  I used to have to burp her and feed her a certain way. Now I’m living in the moment.  I used to get frustrated because my daughter seemed like she was having more fun with my husband.  I would ask myself why she wasn’t laughing as much around me and it was because I wasn’t in the moment.  Now, I am and I’m loving it.

3. Why are you a #goodmama?

Unconditional love, and really living and operating moment to moment by putting myself in my children’s shoes.  My ability to see life through their eyes.  Everything from their day-to-day cares and needs to for example if my daughter bumps her head.  And then the next time, I bump mines I think that must have hurt her.  I just feel like I’ve become a more patient and compassionate person now that I’m a mother.


Denise and hubby, Jason, Natalie, 7 weeks, and Gianna, 22 months

4.  Why do you think Black mothers get a bad rep?

I think the media inadvertently puts brown mamas in boxes.  So now we are stuck in the box of baby daddies and leaving our kids in the car, neglect.  It’s not any fault of ours, its just a trend that’s occurring in the media.

5. What advice would you give to moms?

That God has ordained you, and only you, to be mother of your children.  Be confident knowing that God trust you with that job and so you need to trust yourself.

6. Tell us one of your funniest mommy moments.

  Denise is also a Pittsburgh mommy blogger.  You can find her writing at denisenlarosa.com.  In addition, the mommy of two is an editor and reporter at Urban Media Today.  Check out her latest interview by clicking here.

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