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I am kind, gentle, a great listener, and full of LOVE!!
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When I first became a mom, I was terrifed! I was very over protective of my daughter. She is my miracle baby and that played a large roll in my feelings toward her. Now, I am more comfortbale and confident. I trust myself more in the decisions that I make for my daughter. I still consider myself a “new” mom. My daughter just turned 4 yrs old, and there are things that I am still learning about being a mom.
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mothersloveBe patient, get rest, and don’t be afraid to ask for help!! It isn’t a good idea to google every issue or question regarding your children online. I was hard- headed, and didn’t start taking advice from my own mom (who is experienced at parenting) until recently. There were many times my mom would provide great guidance and advice, and I wouldn’t follow it. After almost 4 years of being a mom, I said to myself,  “Yes, my mom is right!” She knows her stuff! Being a mom is a learning process, but it is helpful to have that one person who knows what they are talking about, and can help you.
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african.motherIt all began prior to my daughter being born. I was a high risk pregnancy due to losing so many babies while carrying them in the past. Prayer, and having a strong support system got me through the everyday worries of being pregnant. I called my doctor about four times a week with constant questions! Did I sit wrong? Did I hurt that baby walking too fast? Did I hurt the baby by pulling a muscle? Oh, I dont think that I felt the baby move today (etc.). Thank God that my doctor knew my pregnancy history, and accepted every call. Once my baby arrived, I felt accomplished, and proud. Obstacles that came once my daughter was here, I handled with ease. I didn’t even see them as obstacles, I seen them as opportunites to learn. I felt that my major obstacle was to get my daughter here to earth, and the rest would fall into place. So far, it has.
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African American mothers are strong, resilient, loving, respectful, and beautiful! And not every African American mother is a single parent. My daughter is being raised in a 2 parent home by both her father and I.
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My time is not always the right time. Everything will happen when its meant to happen. I cant rush life! I have learned to enjoy my daughter at every moment and every milestone! I cant believe that she is 4 yrs old already! It feels like she was just born!

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