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blog How to Pot Your First Houseplant

This step-by-step guide will show you how to pot a houseplant in a few easy steps.  I love my  houseplants.  Whether it’s summer or not, I’m a constant gardener via my houseplants.  The great thing about these indoor beauties is their versatility.  Whether you have bright light or no light at all there is a plant that will grow in your home.  Spider plants, snake plants and Philodendron are just some of the low light houseplants you can grow if you have a shady home.  Elephant ears, umbrella plants and dracaena are bright light houseplants if you have a lots of windows and sun.  There is a houseplant for everyone and so many of them require very little care.  Houseplants clean the air in your home, are great ways to spruce up your design and bring you closer to Mother Nature.

Now, let’s get you started here’s your guide on how to pot a houseplant.  Happy gardening!  Here’s what you’ll need:
  • Potting Soil
  • Garden Gloves
  • Small rocks or pebbles
  • Houseplant Saucer
  • A Pot & A Plant

That’s it and you’re ready to get started.  If you’d rather watch the video, scroll to the bottom.  This brown mama has got you covered.

Step 1

  • Make sure your pot has no less than two small holes in the bottom to ensure water has a place to drain.  You NEVER want water sitting in the bottom of your pots.  It attracts small bugs and can potentially drown the roots of your plant.
  • Next, cover the bottom of your pot with a thin layer of pebbles or small rocks.  This will increase drainage opportunity for your houseplant.  Most potted houseplants do not like their feet (or roots) sitting in water.

Step 2

  • Fill your pot 1/2 way up with potting soil.  (DO NOT use garden soil or dirt from outside in your houseplants.  I did this as a beginner gardener and it killed my plants.  Garden soil is too heavy for most houseplants and has bacteria that needs the vastness of Mother Earth’s dirt to be diluted.  In short it may kill your houseplant.)
  • Next, put your houseplant into the first layer of dirt and then begin covering the roots of your houseplant as you fill the rest of your pot with potting soil.

Step 3

  • Your houseplant should now be successfully in its pot.
  • Next you just need to find a place to sit your houseplant.  Sometimes it takes a month or so to find a good spot.  Watch your plant carefully.  If the leaves are browning that could mean it’s not getting enough water or too much direct sun.  Most houseplants do not like direct sun.  Even if it’s instruction say bright light, that does not mean it wants direct sunlight.  Your houseplant just wants a bright room to live in.  Be sure to keep the plant tag that came with your new houseplant.  It has tons of information that could give you clues as to what spaces in your home will make a good fit for your new houseplant.
I hope this helps mamas.  If you’d like video format, here ya go!  [icon name=”li_heart” size=”18px” color=”#ff87ab” link=””]   Read More about Gardening: Join Black Girls Garden 3 Reasons Every Black Mom Should Garden What My Houseplants Taught Me About Self-Care Essential Gardening Tools for Garden Beginners Easiest Flowers for Garden Beginners    

2 Responses

  1. N. Jones says:

    Excellent tips. I’m use to gardening outside. Now I can get started on my a small inside garden!

  2. Kevin Piol says:

    Wonderful post!
    I remember when I was a kid, the first plant that I planted was the one in your thumbnail, the snake plant.
    Thanks for your tips and making me remember my first ever plant. 🙂


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