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I Want to Be Soft for My Mama

I want to kiss my kids with the wettest lips and hug them with the tightest grip…for all of the times my mama dragged herself to work for eight (plus) hours so that I could have lights, gas, food and new school clothes even when she wanted to stay home and cuddle up with me and my sister to watch movies or eat bon-bons….I want to be soft for my mama.

I want to cook meals for my husband and sons that are colorful and nutritious filled with love as I stir and blend with the thoughtfulness, kindness and joy of 200 Martha Stewarts…for all the times my mother still managed to cook my sisters and I hot meals after long days.  For all the times we ate all the snacks and cereal and didn’t leave her and all the times she worked over-time so me and my sisters could get $20 to go to the mall and eat at the food court…I want to be soft for my mama.

I want to have family over ALL the time.  I want to make sure that grandma, Auntie, all  my nieces and nephews and cousins are in the kitchen cooking together. I want to make sure my husband is on the grill and that I greet him with a cup of ice water and a kiss…for all of the times my mother made a dollar out of 15 cents and filled the Christmas tree with presents, looking on as we opened them with a smile, only to trek back to work the very next day…I want to be soft for my mama.

I want to take my kids to the park everyday in the summer and play video games with them to speak to them in their language..for all the times my mom took me and my sisters to the park, had Saturday morning conversations with us over eggs, bacon and toast in the kitchen and for every piece of advice she ever gave me…I want to be soft for my mama.

And finally, just like Biggie said, I wanna be soft for my mama because she deserves a limousine with a sofa, mink on her back and to sip champagne when she’s thrist-ay (no typo)!  I’m going to be soft because for too long my mama had to be strong for me, my sisters, my dad, my aunt, my uncle, cousins and all of our children.  I’m going to be soft because my mother deserves it.  And the next best thing to having something for yourself, is having it for your children.

I love you mommy.  I appreciate you always!

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