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blog The Morning Ritual That Centers My Momlife

My morning ritual of making my bed every morning, listening to a motivational message while I’m getting dressed and taking 5 minutes to meditate has CHANGED my life.

I’ve been every type of mom that you can think of. I’ve been a stay-at-home mom, a working mom, a mompreneur, a broke mom and a middle-class mom. No matter what my motherhood journey looks like, my morning ritual has kept me centered.

Making my bed every morning has transformed my morning because it forces me to start with the end in mind.  This a part of my morning routine that hasn’t just changed the way I wake up, but it makes my bedtime peaceful. It also helps me to recognize, as soon as I wake up, that no matter how hectic the day gets, no matter what challenges I face, the sun will set. Making my bed each morning helps me to slow my mind down and know that everything is going to be okay.

The second part of my morning habits is listening to a motivational message. Here’s my favorite one.


I started listening to motivational messages each morning because I realized that as soon as I woke up in the morning, my to-do list would just start filtering out of my mind. It would cause me to experience profound confusion and exhaustion at the start of the day. The motivational speeches help me to record over top of that and get excited about my day.

morning ritual

Third, 5 minutes of meditation gives me the focus I need to start my day. YouTube and Audible have tons of Free guided meditations that you can listen to right before you leave the house.

These are all very simple ways to center your day and make certain that your focus will be positive the rest of the day. By engaging in these easy morning rituals, you will prove to yourself that you do have time to take care of you.

It takes two minutes or less to straighten out your bed and fluff your pillows.  It only takes a few minutes to listen to a message to motivate you. Remember, the universe is activated by FAITH + ACTION.  When you act in a way that honors your whole self, the floodgates are open.  The world gets out of your way by the Creators command. Order your steps and make your home the foundational playground that will lead to your spiritual, emotional, intellectual and career success.  You’ve got this mama!

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  2. Da Hubby says:

    Nice. Complete the circle, you start and end your day in your bed so that should be in order if nothing else.

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