You are sleeping with kids and there’s nothing you can do about it.  They’re toddlers and around 12 pm tonight, someone is making a mad dash out of their crib into your bed.  Oh, and did I mention that the moon is bright in the sky and it’s still 90 degrees outside.  I remember just 7 short years ago, I was sleeping with two kids in my bed every night for about 3 years straight.  (Yes, I was a complete and total doormat.  My back-to-back boys were running my life.)  Much has changed since then, but the memory of sleeping with kids is still so very vivid.  I feel a great deal of sympathy for all of my moms who are currently in the dog days of summer and mommyhood.

For that reason, let me share with you some secrets to getting a little rest with one baby butt in your face and another baby slobbering on your leg. As well as one-liners from songs I’ve heard in my lifetime.


[big_title]Make Papa a Rolling Stone[/big_title]

We love you daddy.  At one time I rejoiced in sleeping with you snuggled next to me, but due to tonight’s heat wave and the impending invasion of small zombies, you got to get outta this bedroom.  On those hot summer nights when our bed equaled their bed, hubby had to go sleep on the couch or spare bed or floor, whichever was available.  When sleeping with kids it gets way too sticky for all four of us in the bed together.

[big_title]It’s Getting Hot in Here, So…[/big_title]

Take off all your clothes.  That’s right.  You and baby need to get butt naked and cool down.  Your body actually needs to cool down a few degrees in order for you to fall into a peaceful sleep. So, get your sleep party right by wearing light pajamas or just stripping down to your birthday suit.


[big_title]The Fabric of Our Lives[/big_title]

Cotton sheets absorb your sweat and are more breathable than other sheets.  Since baby’s erratic sleeping habits will likely ruffle a lot of feathers in your bed, you want to make sure you have bedding that doesn’t add more heat to your already miserable sleeping conditions.  Did I mention that babies sleep better on cotton sheets.  (That’s just an assumption, not factual at all.) If you want to sleep cooler and more comfortably, latex memory foam are naturally cooler than traditional mattresses letting you get better sleep when you finally get the chance!

Our friends over at have created these tips to help you get a better night’s rest during this record-breaking hot summer.


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