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5 Affirming Coloring Books for Black Women

  1. 5 Affirming Coloring Books for Black Women

    Adult coloring books for Black women have surged in popularity as a therapeutic activity, offering a creative outlet and a respite from the stresses of daily life. For Black women these coloring books serve as more than just a pastime. They become a sanctuary for nurturing maternal and mental health, and a path to creative…
  2. First Steps: Postpartum Essentials for Black Moms

    The postpartum essentials for moms can be very important, as embarking on the postpartum journey is a unique and transformative experience for moms, and ensuring that postpartum essentials for Black women are thoughtfully considered is key to a comfortable and supported recovery. In this article, we’ll delve into essential items and practices tailored to the…
  3. 6 Ways to Find Joy After Divorce

    Welcome Mamas! If you are finding that you need some supports after experiencing a divorce, this is the space for you. As a mama who has experienced divorce, it is my goal to share the lessons I have learned with you so that you can step into your next season as the fierce, intelligent, beautiful,…
  4. mindset shifts

    3 Mindset Shifts to be the Best Black Mom to Your Kids

    Hey mama! Quick check-in. How’s your mindset these days? Especially with all that is going on in the world around us. It’s often hard to keep a positive outlook all the time. Heck, even half the time. I don’t believe anyone chooses to dwell in the negative. If you’re looking for some mindset shifts, I’m…
  5. first time college essentials

    First Time College Essentials

    Do you have a high school senior who is college bound? Are you wondering what you should send with them? What to expect? And how to prepare? You are not alone sis! We have compiled some tips (from fellow brown mamas) on getting your graduate prepped and sent off to a good start. Check out…

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