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mindset shifts

3 Mindset Shifts to be the Best Black Mom to Your Kids

  1. mindset shifts

    3 Mindset Shifts to be the Best Black Mom to Your Kids

    Hey mama! Quick check-in. How’s your mindset these days? Especially with all that is going on in the world around us. It’s often hard to keep a positive outlook all the time. Heck, even half the time. I don’t believe anyone chooses to dwell in the negative. If you’re looking for some mindset shifts, I’m…
  2. finding calm

    Finding Calm with Jamie of Black Mom Calm

    So, we are doing a thing with Black Mom Calm, Jamie Fleming. This month we have decided to start sharing stories with mommies around the web. We want to connect you with, not only the resources and information to live your best Brown Mama life, but also with the people. So, let’s get to know…
  3. mindfulness meditation

    Mindfulness Meditation and their Differences

    An overview of mindfulness and meditation and how to incorporate either or both in your life.
  4. Mindful Meditation Should be Required for Black Kids

    The more I read about the benefits of meditation, the more I think that it should be a must for black children. Our children have to deal with the stressors of living in a racist society in addition to the typical challenges of childhood, both of which have physical and psychological effects. The physical effects…

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