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podcasts for moms

10 Podcasts for Moms Trying to Heal

  1. podcasts for moms

    10 Podcasts for Moms Trying to Heal

    Whether you’re a new mom or a veteran mama, single or married, stay at home or corporate mama, one child or multiple – there’s bound to be some uplifting, encouraging or healing spaces available to you. And in today’s world they are more attainable, and can be accessed from the comfort of your couch, car…
  2. Healing the Emotional Wounds of Black Women, Episode 11

    What does healing mean for Black women?  How do we heal?  What do our emotional wounds look like?  These are all questions we tackle in this episode of the Brown Mama Blueprint Podcast.  I interview Nijama Small, author of the Black Girl’s Guide to Healing Emotional Wounds.  Her book tells her story of becoming a…
  3. brown mama blueprint podcast reiki

    Brown Mama Blueprint Podcast – Energy Work & Reiki

    In this episode of the Brown Mama Blueprint Podcast, we chat about what it means to be an Energy Worker in this new era of Black Girl Magik. Lisbeth White, a Reiki practitioner and energy worker, joins us for a convo on the topic. We chat about what energy work is? How you can use…
  4. Black Women for a Better Education

    Brown Mama Blueprint Podcast – Self-Governance & Education

    In this episode of The Brown Mama Blueprint Podcast we chat about what the election of our nation’s first Black woman Vice President, Mrs. Kamala Harris, has the potential to mean for sistahs and how we can support our Second in Command as she takes her seat in the White House.  We also chat with…
  5. Episode 6: Not Voting, Being a Boy Mom & the Policy Agenda

    Black women and politics in 2020 is a loaded topic, so I won’t try to give you a political or history lesson. I’ll just tell you about my own story.
  6. Episode 5: Black Children, Mindfulness and the Pandemic

    Teaching Black children mindfulness can be the difference between whether they thrive in this current oppressive regime, or die; not so much a physical death, as an emotional and mental one. In this episode of The Brown Mama Blueprint Podcast we interview Amanda Lynch, educator for over 20 years and author of The Mindfulness Room….
  7. Episode 4: Black Girls With Gardens with Jasmine

    Black girls have been gardening since the beginning of time. Gardening became my favorite past time about 8 years ago. My garden is a space to discover beauty, both inside and out, and overtime has grown to become my litmus test for whether I’m doing alright or not. I’m not alone. There is a history…
  8. raising black teenage daughters

    Raising Black Teenage Daughters, Episode 3, Brown Mama Blueprint Podcast

    There is a huge difference between raising black teenage daughters versus raising a teenage daughter from any other ethnicity. From the over-sexualization of our girls to the racial tension that’s confronting them to the lack of whole communities to shepherd and support them and affirm their identity as black women, the differences are nearly monumental….
  9. A Story About Abortion, Episode 2, The Brown Mama Blueprint Podcast

    Abortion is nearly five times more likely to be experienced by black women than by a white women according the Guttmacher Institute. Yet and still, it is a taboo subject in our communities. Everyday Black women boldly make a decision that is heart-breaking and life-changing without support, advice or love from their community. How did…
  10. Is Unschooling for Black Kids Too?, Episode 1, Brown Mama Blueprint Podcast

    Honestly, I encountered unschooling (aka self-directed learning) after realizing I was feeling like I spent too much time forcing my kids to learn.  Everyday during homeschool it was a struggle to get my kids to read, write, do math, you know, the basic stuff.  Despite being super bright kids who read and do math above…

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