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Are you gardening in a small space? Chances are you live in an apartment, big city or maybe you just don’t have a lot of green space around your house. These 5 Hacks for Gardening in Small Spaces are for you!

Innovative Planters

Check out this YouTube video that has tons of hacks for gardening in small spaces by using different kinds of planters. Whether you’re reusing a small bottle or hanging socks on a wall to hold your seedlings, this video has a million gardening hacks!

Vertical Gardening

Vertical Gardening is a great way to make use of wall space on your porch or on your patio and it’s easy to do for beginner gardeners. You can do everything from planting flowers to growing your own food. Now you can keep your floor space for even more garden ideas! This YouTube video shows you how you can make your very own planter.

The Illusion of Space

Making your small sanctuary feel and look better is just as important as your plants. Rugs are one way to give a more spacious feel to your area. You can also paint the walls to give a perception of space. Here are a few more options you can give your space a boost in size.

Gardening in small spaces
This small table and rug give the deck a more spacious feel.

Patio Umbrella Planter

Need shade and beautiful décor? Than this is perfect for your garden! This gorgeous eye catcher will cost you around $20 if you already have a planter. You need piping to hold the umbrella as well as plants or flowers you want to see while your relaxing. Here’s a guide on how to do it yourself.

gardening in small places

Garden Trellis

Not only can this cover a wall or a banister, but it opens up your garden to a wider variety of plants and flowers! A trellis can also be a great cheap way to give you privacy in your garden. The best thing is that they’re easy to build and something the entire family can get in on! Here’s a quick vid to get you building!

These were 5 different hacks you can use to turn your small space into a beautiful garden. Here some Facebook groups you can join to find even more ideas!

Black Girls Garden

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