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So, we are doing a thing with Black Mom Calm, Jamie Fleming. This month we have decided to start sharing stories with mommies around the web. We want to connect you with, not only the resources and information to live your best Brown Mama life, but also with the people.

So, let’s get to know sis.

Jamie is a guide, speaker and also the founder of Black Mom’s Guide to Calm. We got a chance to sit down (virtually) with Jamie and learn more about her journey to helping black moms with finding calm.

You can follow Jamie on Instagram, @blackmomcalm and on Facebook, Black Mom’s Guide to Calm. And of course you can visit her website of the same name linked above in the 1st paragraph.

Check out our interview with Jamie.

Brown Mamas (BM): What do you do?

Jamie (Black Mom Calm): I provide a safe space for Black mamas (and women) to overcome their overwhelm and find their calm, joy, inner peace and relief.

BM: Why do you do what you do?

Jamie: I want to show and teach Black women about practices and tools for stress management and finding calm. We (Black women) are one of the most stressed-out, overwhelmed and overloaded groups on the planet, and I want us to know that we don’t have to live in a state of constant stress, that we can give ourselves permission to take care of ourselves and have peace and joy. It’s our birthright, and we deserve it!


BM: What inspires and informs your work?

Jamie: One thing that inspires my work is knowing that I’m helping Black women transform their lives, helping them see how important they are and assisting them on the journey of living from a space of peace and calm. I also know that by more of us doing this, we are making things better for our children and for generations to come.

Black Mom Calm - Jamie Fleming

BM: When did you start doing this work? Was there a specific event or happening that was the catalyst for your work? Tell us in depth.

Jamie: I started Black Mom’s Guide to Calm (originally Black Girl’s Guide to Calm) in 2015. What led me to it was the birth of my daughter. After having her in December 2013, I was overwhelmed, stressed out and dealing with post-partum depression. I was adjusting to being a mama and also a change in how my new body looked. I started doing pilates and yoga as a way to tone my body, and practicing yoga led to meditation. I noticed how much calmer I felt in my daily life. I began to worry less, was able to better manage anxiety and just felt better overall physically, mentally and emotionally. And I’ve been incorporating calm practices ever since.

Interested in practicing yoga? Here is a list of 10 YouTube yoga instructors to check out.

BM: Who do you hope to reach with the work you do?

Jamie: I hope to reach Black mamas and caregivers who have stress and overwhelm to show them there’s a better way to live.

Motherhood Journey

BM: Tell us about your motherhood journey. In what ways has it been difficult? In what ways has it been easy?

Jamie: My motherhood journey is a rollercoaster, like most. One of the difficulties for me has been having this idea in my head of what motherhood would look like and how my child would be and that not being the reality, so letting go of control and letting things be as they are (and letting her be who she is) has been a big lesson. Something that’s been easy is showing her affection which is something I always said I would do when I had a child because my parents weren’t/aren’t that way with my sister and me.

BM: If you could name one Black woman who helps you remember who you are, who would it be and why?

Jamie: My friend, Toya Moore, who’s also a mama and entrepreneur. I’m not one to talk about what I do or what I offer, but any time we’re in a group setting, she always promotes me and tells people about my products and services. And when I’m feeling discouraged or if I’m doubting myself, she always reminds me of how amazing I am.

BM: What’s one piece of advice you think every mom should hear?

Jamie: Make your calm and self-care a priority. You cannot be the best version of you (for yourself first and then for your family) if you’re not good mentally, emotionally and physically.

Family Life

BM: Where do you live? How did the city (or cities) that you grew up in make you the person who you are?

Jamie: Hartwell, Georgia, a small town a couple of hours north of Atlanta. Growing up here (and living here currently) has shown me the importance of having a place where you feel rooted and grounded, even if that place is inside of you, no matter what goals you have or how high you soar.

BM: How many kids do you have? What is special about your kids? What is special about your family?

Jamie: I have one child, and she’s special because she’s kind, and she also speaks her mind and isn’t afraid to let you know how she feels. My family is special because we are a blended one. My daughter’s father and I are divorced. I’m engaged, and he’s in another relationship, and we are able to co-parent in a way that’s best for our daughter.

BM: What do you do for self-care, “finding calm” in your life?

Jamie: My self-care consists of having a morning routine so I start the day positively and peacefully. This includes lighting incense, meditation, prayer and journaling. I also practice yoga a few days a week, take naps from time to time and read a lot.

Remember to find Jame at Black Mom Calm on Instagram and check out the guided meditations on her website. We look forward to sharing info about more mamas with you next month. Stay tune!

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