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blog 5 Books for Black Women That Wanna Be Woke

Every Brown Mama needs a list of books for Black women.  It’s even better when you have a list of African-centered books for Black women.  By far, one of the most transforming actions I’ve taken in life is to seek out literature written by our African-centered female authors who have gone to great lengths to not only preserve the beauty and relevancy of African-culture, but who have also written road maps for how we can overcome systematic racism in our homes, lives and relationships.  The African-American female authors listed below will give you some real food for thought if you choose to chew on the words of their books.  Everything from how to create rituals that are soaked in African culture to enliven and authenticate the culture of your home to how to recognize racism when in shows up in your persona and community, these authors got you in life, love and home.  

Marimba Ani: Let the Circle Be Unbroken

Wanna know about ritual?  This is the book you need to read.  Ani takes us Brown Mamas on a road from slavery back to the heart of Africa and breaks down not only the motherland’s rituals, but how we unknowingly replicate the actions of our African ancestors in our everyday lives. Ani gives us Mamas a great grasp on how we can close the gaps that have been curated by our colonizers to begin to live more fully in spirit through ritual and everyday culture.  

Joy DeGruy: Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome

If you have not read this book yet mama, get ya life.  This is a book for Black women that should be on every sistahs reading list!  Post Traumatic slave disorder gives us the 411 on how the trauma of slavery is wreaking havoc in Black households and minds worldwide.  Joy DeGruy even goes in on how the colonizers have been deeply traumatized by their widespread destruction and how their refusal to admit their dishonor is leading to more ‘cognitive dissonance’ in the world at-large.  Deep sis! Read it!  

Frances Cress Welsing: The ISIS Papers

Why does racism exist?  Why are some white folks so hateful?  Can a Black person be racist?  All questions answered by the late, great Frances Cress-Welsing.  In addition to a ton of YouTube videos she has recorded on the topic, Frances Cress-Welsing wrote this timeless book to breakdown the reasons, rationalizations and implications of racism in a society that continues to work on a white-world supremacy frequency. This is collegiate level deepness for sistahs who really wanna be in the know.  Get it.  

Harriet Washington: Medical Apartheid

  What do the Tuskegee Airmen, pap-smear tools and Henrietta Lacks all have in common?  Well our girl Harriet explains in Medical Apartheid.  This book is a hard read as it graphically tells stories of medical wrongdoings (i.e. experiments, unnecessary medications, being used as guinea pig for experimental procedures) by medical staff on African-American folks.  While not necessarily African-centered, this book for Black women is a necessity if you want to gain a real grasp on the vast history of Black mistreatment at the hands of American and European doctors.  

Muffy Mendoza: The Brown Mama Mindset

Read to get woke at home? If you want to find a way to be more conscious of your divine feminine presence not only as a woman, but as a mother and wife, then you need to read this book.  Muffy, so eloquently, breaks down, in her book written exclusively for Black mothers, how Black moms can begin to implement an African understanding of life into their homes seamlessly. There you have it sistahs!  This list of books for Black women is so woke you won’t blink for days.  Leave a note to tell us of any other woke book for Black women you know about.   Got sons? Want it list of books for Black boys?  I got you sis.  Click here. Kids love Sci-Fi? Here’s a list of Black Sci-Fi books for Kids  

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