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What Every Mama Should Know Before Becoming a Work at Home Mom

  1. What Every Mama Should Know Before Becoming a Work at Home Mom

    Deciding to be a life-long work at home mom has been the best decision I’ve ever made for my life.  However, there are a ton of things I wish I would have known before I decided to do it.  Being a work at home mom has made my life fuller in so many ways.  I…
  2. back to school post-covid

    Helping Your Child Transition Back to School Post-COVID

    How prepared were you for the return back to school post-covid?  Whether you’re going from a fully remote to hybrid or even fully in person or a variation, here are some things you can do to help your child transition back to school. If you are a homeschooling mama, veteran or as a result of…
  3. Brown Mamas’ Guide to Black Doulas in Pittsburgh

    Our city is awakening to the power of Black Doulas in Pittsburgh. It is an exciting time for these front-line workers who are literally preserving our future with their hands. Brown Mamas is all about making sure that when you want to support Black women you can, so we made this list of Black doulas…
  4. 15 Homeschooling Subscription Boxes

    Whether you are new to the homeschooling journey or a veteran, I’m sure you know variety and creativity are key. And when those “keys” are created by someone else (with you in mind).. that’s a lifesaver!
  5. gifts for black moms

    The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Black Moms

    Finding a gift for moms is hard. Finding a gift for Black moms is even harder. We know this, that’s why we got you covered. From mindful moms to fitness moms and moms who love books, we have curated the Ultimate list of gifts that will inspire and excite the Black mama on your list…
  6. Brown Mamas Learning Cooperative

    Learning can happen anytime and anywhere. Although this school year has been tough for many due to COVID-19, there are still opportunities for our children to engage with one another, knowledgeable adults and the outside world. Brown Mamas is trying it’s best to galvanize some of the resources our community has available with it’s Learning…
  7. teaching kids social justice

    What does it mean to teach kids social justice?

    What does it mean to teach kids social justice and injustice? In my humble opinion, it has a lot to do with showing and modeling for children equitable ways to socialize in our society. When we think of socializaiton we think of a few things. The ways we work and the opportunities we have access…
  8. Brown Mamas Teach, Brown Mamas Earn

    One of Muffy’s main goals as a community leader and advocate for Black families is to encourage a paradigm shift in the way Black adults think about how children learn and the environments that encourage learning in their children. In that spirit, we will launch our first learning initiative, Brown Mamas Teach, Brown Mamas Earn….
  9. Tips on Teaching Black Children Emotional Literacy

    In an age of increased racial tension and uncertainty, teaching Black children emotional literacy and intelligence is crucial. What words can black children use to express microagressions? How should they process feelings of anxiety? How can children of the African Diaspora develop and maintain racial and cultural pride when the world seems to be fighting…
  10. 5 FREE Online Activities to Teach Black History to Kids

    Finding resources to teach Black history to kids can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Trust me, I know. After 5 years of homeschooling, it is only now that resources are beginning to abound that assist in structured learning around African-American history, culture and modern cultural norms. As an ambassador for WideOpenSchool.org,…

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