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Muffy Mendoza featured panelist on Talk Pittsburgh

  1. Muffy Mendoza featured panelist on Talk Pittsburgh

    Founder & CEO of Brown Mamas featured on Talk Pittsburgh.
  2. Brown Mamas Accepted into Facebook Community Accelerator Program

    We are excited and honored to announce that Brown Mamas has been accepted into Facebook’s Community Accelerator Program.
  3. Brown Mamas is hiring

    We are growing! Brown Mamas is searching for team members to build the value and connectivity of our organization. Brown Mamas exist to elevate the collective Black mothering experience through tribe-building. We do this by creating online and offline safe spaces for our mothers, delivering innovative programming, connecting them with health, education and financial service…
  4. small garden spaces

    Top 5 Hacks for Gardening in Small Spaces

    Are you gardening in a small space? Chances are you live in an apartment, big city or maybe you just don’t have a lot of green space around your house. These 5 Hacks for Gardening in Small Spaces are for you! Innovative Planters Check out this YouTube video that has tons of hacks for gardening…
  5. dating tips for black couples

    The BEST Dating Tips for Black Couples

    How can you tell if the person you are dating is wasting your time, or worth the wait.
  6. Is that your kid’s personality or do they have middle child syndrome?

    Think your kid has middle child syndrome? It’s possible. I’m not a middle child, but I was raised by one, lived with one and now have one.  Let me tell you my little middle surprises me everyday.  I used to think my middle sister was just crazy, or had middle child syndrome.  My younger sister and…
  7. mindfulness books for moms

    5 Mindfulness Books for Black Women

    Mindfulness books for black women are pretty easy to find in a Google search, but books for mindful moms that happen to be Black can be a little more tricky. Oftentimes, mindfulness for Black moms has to take into consideration the societal implications of our blackness and the systemic racial insecurities we’ve had to deal…
  8. gifts for black moms

    The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Black Moms

    Finding a gift for moms is hard. Finding a gift for Black moms is even harder. We know this, that’s why we got you covered. From mindful moms to fitness moms and moms who love books, we have curated the Ultimate list of gifts that will inspire and excite the Black mama on your list…
  9. black yoga instructors youtube

    10 Black Yoga Instructors on YouTube

    Black Yoga instructors on YouTube are the core of my workout plan. I started doing yoga at the beginning of the pandemic and have had it as a part of my morning check-in for 90 days now. AND, it feels so good sis. I’m hoping that more Brown Mamas begin to check for some of…
  10. The Road to Growth & Gratitude #SheQuarantines

    Over the next few days, we will be sharing stories from the Brown Mamas’ community about how moms black moms are coping during COVID-19. Follow us with the #SheQuarantines or #BrownMamas. By Nikkia Ingram To think a “virus” could shut down the world has been unfathomable and feels like a movie in one aspect but…

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