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black gardeners on Instagram

6 Black Gardeners to Follow on Instagram

Getting your hands dirty for the first time can be scary, especially with the seeming lack of Black gardeners out there to glean wisdom from. But, reality its, Black gardeners are out here and always have been.

From growing beautiful flowers, to full heads of cabbage, houseplant extraordinaires and more, sistahs and brothas been growing. They show what a wonderful hobby gardening really is. Checkout these 6 black gardeners to follow on Instagram.


Siri Lorece

Siri Lorece is a gardener, yogi, podcaster, and musician in California. Her Instagram post are filled with huge veggies and beautiful gardens with sunflowers and herbs. She provides lots of inspiration to new gardeners. Her love for the outdoors really shows how purposeful gardening really is.


Ron Finely (The Gangster Gardener)

Ron Finely is turning South Central Los Angeles from a place where fresh food is scarce, into a horticulture revolution. South Central Los Angeles is a food desert. An area where fresh produce is hard to find. This man with the help of his community is growing fresh food for the entire area. Everything from flowers to bananas! Make sure to check him out and support their cause.



Gardening can be dirty and hard work when you’re out in the sun. However, it can also be simple, pleasing and mind clearing. If that’s your thing then BotanistBee is the page for you. With all the gardening tips and motivational messages, Brittanie will have you smiling every time you open your feed. Here are some reasons you should give gardening a try too.


Tamara Elmore

Tamara Elmore is a gardener that does work in her own backyard and in the community. She does easy guides and has a lot of inspiring bouquet ideas. Her stories are also full of knowledge and relatability. She’s also coaching a group of nurses new to gardening. Tamara is a great inspiration and a well of information for new gardeners.


Roxanne Little

This farmer is a master in her field. Roxanne owns a huge farm in Jamaica where she grows and sells so many different vegetables. There are huge piles of cucumbers to massive heads of cabbage that you wouldn’t believe. Along with the Scarlet Macaw and boat rides. You’ll get not only great tips and tricks, but a one way ticket to Jamaica too.


Ashlie Thomas

Ashlie’s garden will have you hooked. Her garden is beautiful and inviting and the juices look delicious! Ashlie and her husband built all the beds in their garden. How they did octagons? I have no idea but it is amazing! Her harvests are plentiful and she has details about her growing seasons that’ll keep you scrolling. To start your own garden just like Ashlie here are some beginner plants you can start with.

These black gardeners on Instagram will keep you on the social media platform all day. With enough content and information to fill a book they’ll have you planting and picking in no time. These are 6 gardeners that you should definitely look into.

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