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Brown Mamas, Not Just a Blog

We are an online and in-person community for moms in the Pittsburgh region.  Brown Mamas is also responsible for The Brown Mama Monologues an annual celebration of motherhood in Pittsburgh and the DMV.

mindfulness books for moms

5 Mindfulness Books for Black Women

November 10, 2020
Mindfulness books for black women are pretty easy to find in a Google search, but books for mindful moms that ... Read More
Black Women for a Better Education

Brown Mama Blueprint Podcast – Self-Governance & Education

November 9, 2020
In this episode of The Brown Mama Blueprint Podcast we chat about what the election of our nation’s first Black ... Read More
gifts for black moms

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Black Moms

November 3, 2020
Finding a gift for moms is hard. Finding a gift for Black moms is even harder. We know this, that’s ... Read More

Episode 6: Not Voting, Being a Boy Mom & the Policy Agenda

October 14, 2020
Black women and politics in 2020 is a loaded topic, so I won't try to give you a political or history lesson. I'll just tell you about my own story. ... Read More

Brown Mamas Learning Cooperative

August 24, 2020
Learning can happen anywhere and at anytime. Although this school year has been tough for many, there are still plenty ... Read More

Hey Sis! I’m Muffy Mendoza, the author, speaker and mama motivator responsible for cultivating this community of over 5k moms-of-color.  Stay long & come often! ♥  Read More…